Didier Merah ニューアルバム 『Eden』 Coming Soon

2012/11/03:Second Birth - Improv Sketch 2012.11.02

2012/11/15:リミックス・アルバム 『Samsara』 リリース!

Didier Merah(ディディエ・メラ)の曲がリミックス・アルバムになってiTunesに登場!

このアルバムは、イギリスのミキサーMichae E氏による、アンビエント・リミックスのミニ・アルバムです。収録曲は、アルバムタイトルにもなっている『Samsara』の他、『Tir Na Nog』『Second Birth』『Mirage』の4曲。

普段のDidier Merah(ディディエ・メラ)とは一味違う、幻想的なサウンドの世界が広がります。是非御一聴ください。



2012/11/18:Calling - Improv Sketch 2012.11.17

2012/11/24:En Soph - Improv Sketch 2012.11.23


Didier Merah (ディディエ・メラ)プロフィールページに英語版を追加しました。

Composer, pianist and poet from Japan.

In the past decades, I spent as an accompaniment pianist. During that time, I engaged with various genres of music. About classical music, Contemporary music, Pop music, Spanish, Argentine Tango, Cuban salsa, Brazilian music, Arabic music, Malaysia songs, Ballads, Chanson and Canzone. After I left these works, I release works of music across to many genres as Didier Merah.

I was born in 1964. When I was born, I had a breathing problem and a close shave with death from a lungs inflammation. And I lost my voice. Therefore I tried to voice training then I got my voice at last.

When I was a child, I was very sensitive to sound. I learned to play piano by watching other people play. At age of 2, I listened to music only once and I was able to play it by ear with both hands. At age of 3, I began to study classical piano.

Because I have both perfect pitch and eidetic memory, I just know the whole piece with only the quickest glance at the score. Therefore I had not been troubled with piano lessons, and I was easily able to play a set piece from memory.

When I was very young, I was bored with rote learning method of playing the piano. Therefore I naturally became interested in composition and improvisation. At age of 9, I performed my first improvisation play in public.

While enrolled in Toho Gakuen College Music Department, I studied piano under Satoko Tokumaru and Kazuoki Fujii, and studied composition under Akira Miyoshi and Tokuhide Niimi.

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